Thursday, November 22, 2012 is a lame ass attempt at a news site and is one of many spam sites set up by this person. It has ripped off nearly all of's static content and even lifted the tag line of "news, information & insight" we have used for 8 years. has snapshot proof from 2007 here.

The website is run by lazy foreigners that have not mastered the english language and use make up names that are so dumb, it makes no sense. Take for example "Alnia Crist"

They run several sites hosted by blogger and the list changes weekly.

My favorite part is how this website has instituted a javascript to prevent (which is doesn't) others from "stealing" their content which is of course "stolen" verbatim without permission from other sources such as AP, FOX, MSN, Yahoo, L.A. Times, New York Times, UPI etc..

If you are upset about this type of "journalism" going on on the web, I encourage you to notify their main revenue source They will try to feign ignorance. Be persistent and help us rid the web of this type of activity.

Simply put. The people are thieves with no integrity. No content is safe from their theft and plagiarism.

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