Thursday, November 22, 2012 is a lame ass attempt at a news site and is one of many spam sites set up by this person. It has ripped off nearly all of's static content and even lifted the tag line of "news, information & insight" we have used for 8 years. has snapshot proof from 2007 here.

The website is run by lazy foreigners that have not mastered the english language and use make up names that are so dumb, it makes no sense. Take for example "Alnia Crist"

They run several sites hosted by blogger and the list changes weekly.

My favorite part is how this website has instituted a javascript to prevent (which is doesn't) others from "stealing" their content which is of course "stolen" verbatim without permission from other sources such as AP, FOX, MSN, Yahoo, L.A. Times, New York Times, UPI etc..

If you are upset about this type of "journalism" going on on the web, I encourage you to notify their main revenue source They will try to feign ignorance. Be persistent and help us rid the web of this type of activity.

Simply put. The people are thieves with no integrity. No content is safe from their theft and plagiarism.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This website has several country specific feeds. The site scrapes content from several sources.

Friday, December 16, 2011 is an interesting case because it operates outside the United States and is not subject to American copyright laws. They employ the same tactics as but with a twist. also operates about a dozen other websites which it replicates the content. The websites link to each other and create an inflated rank.

These are the known sites:

If you know of anymore feel free to comment below. is a website that originally was a niche site dedicated to "green" news. Already indexed as a "news source" on some search engines, this Blog began to transform into a SEO Jornalism website. Unable to compete legitimately, this blog began STEALING content from any other provider that had a story that could be titled to match the search string exactly. steals from the AP, UPI, CNN, Bloomberg, The Los Angeles Times... you name it. They say they have a license but if they do, they fail to display copyright tag.

How are they able to get away with it? Simple, major media is unaware. The search engines will not act on the behalf of the infringed parties. In fact, the DMCA process is so cumbersome that most simply write the offending website and ask for the content to be removed. This does nothing to stop an offending site like which thanks to this posting, has ended their practice and now re-write content like they should.

SEO Journalism

What is SEO Journalism you ask? It is the art (if you can call it that) of writing content based upon what people are searching for. There are many ways to find out on the web what people are searching for but the most common technique is matching hotlinked keyword searches in Google, Bing and Matching the search string as closely to keywords produce the most desired results.  This technique is being adapted more and more each day and with it, more abuse.

What is the main reason websites Plagiarize?

Plagiarism is the result of lax policies by ad companies on the web. Google Adsense is probably the biggest target and culprit. Followed by in-text providers like and

Websites simply steal content and reproduce it on their blogs and get paid for the traffic. Most Plagiarizing is spread out with the infringing website rarely stealing multiple times and making the hassle of the DMCA process not worth it.

We will go over the proper tactics to take if you have been infringed going forward.